Trans Clothes Swap
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Finding clothes as a trans person can be really hard. Sometimes you can’t go shopping with friends or family, sometimes you’re not out, sometimes you don’t have the money. This is a place where transgender people can swap/exchange clothing and receive donations.
*Please read the FAQ!*

Hi there, my name’s Micah (tumblr user klonxpin) and I’m a femmish-transboy living in an uncomfortable / unsafe enviornment that I’m gradually learning to cope with better and better on a daily basis! Currently I have a ton of clothing that I don’t wear anymore (feminine) and not a lot of clothes to wear (masculine) so I have a lot of offer, and a bit to ask for because my mom will not allow me to purchase my own masculine items because I’m currently living off of her income…


Makeup including but not limited to eyeshadow palettes, foundation, and anything else I can get for you at the dollar store or on the cheaper end at CVS / Walgreens / Walmart / Etc.
A couple dresses, I have a longer dark blue / floral print dress that fits like a Medium, a shorter black / floral print desk that’s a bit more femme that’s definitely a Large, and a more formal dress, shorter, I wore it to homecoming freshman year, that is black, white, and purple and I believe a size 12.
Femme-ish skinny jeans in red (9, I believe, maybe 11), turquoise (7), and potentially other shades.
Femme tops, large, some floral and cutesy type stuff.
Earrings, never worn, just unpackaged, in all sorts of styles. (If you’re interested I’ll send them to you in bulk most likely.)
Bras (34C, 36C) lightly worn but in great condition.
I’m also willing to make small purchases for anyone in need. (Small = less than $5)

Everything comes from a home with pets, I have both dogs and cats but I will wash everything before I send it out.


A Binder (L) in any color, any style.
Men’s skinny jeans (size 34-36) in any color.
T-shirts (L). I wear a lot black but really I just like old worn out t-shirts.
A denim or (pl)leather jacket (L), which is a long shot, but I always feel more comfortable with sleeves.
Flannel shirts (L) in any color.
Boxer briefs (L).

Currently I don’t have photos of what’s listed, but if you’re interested, shoot me an ask and I’ll definitely take pictures for you then. I can pay to ship you things but do not have a valid way of helping you ship me things. I can only ship within the US currently.

Also if you’re in the North Florida area and need a get-away or someone to go shopping with because you can’t with your parents or don’t have means to in general, I’m more than willing to take those in need shopping for more comfortable clothing. (I can pay for gas but I’m afraid I can’t buy you anything.)

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ftm looking for clothes & able to swap

URL: pissinapplejuice

Looking for masculine clothing(shirts / pants / accessories).  Shirt size medium or large and for pants, 30 or 32.  Any brand.

I have quite a lot of feminine clothes that I can give in return, if needed.  Including Doctor Who shirts, plain shirts, pants, and shorts. 

I am in California

Anything would be appreciated, I’m in a tight situation with my parents’ divorce and losing my house so I cant go out and buy clothes.

Thank you.

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URL: Starringmeasthemainloveinterest (It’s a mouthful sorry)

I have some bras and swim suits


1 Black - 38C

2 Tan - One 38C and 38D

2 Gray - Both 38D

1 Blue - 38D


Rainbow one Piece - Adjustable

Black one piece racing one piece (Yellow lettering, says KD) - medium

Blue and white one piece - Large

I own two dogs and two cats but of course I will wash all items before shipping but if allergies are a major issue for you IDK if that would be good enough sorry.

I’m in Michigan, USA, Sorry but no international shipping sorry

Hmu on my blog if you’re interested or if you want pics of the stuff my kik is the database

<3 Love you guys

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Gender Fluid Seeking Binder

Hello! My name is Sam (url: sammy——winchester) im gender fluid and seeking a size medium (or what ever will fit a 32D) chest binder. It doesnt matter the color or style. Unfortunately I can not pay for shipping at this time (super sorry :c) I live in Indiana.

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FTM Seeking Binder

In great need of a binder, I would be grateful if someone could help me find one. I am size 36 C and I have never had a binder before.. this would really help me out a lot with just everyday life. I live in the US and don’t mind paying for shipping cost myself. Let me know if you can help!!  

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Free Women’s Tops

URL: poetisa16

Area: Washington, D.C.

Shipping: Anywhere (free in U.S.A.)


  • S/M DKNY Jeans light brown knit sweater
  • S blue Peanuts t-shirt, text “be kind to animals”
  • S gray Max Studio winter dress, one pocket button missing

Photos available upon request

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B-Cup Bras

URL: poetisa16

Area: Washington, D.C.

Shipping: Anywhere (free in U.S.A.)


  • beige underwire 34B with lace around cup
  • white underwire 34B
  • black underwire 34B
  • gray underwire 34B
  • light green satin underwire approx. 34B
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hermitgoth asked: I just found a letter from someone who sent me something, asking me to message them once I'd received it. The url on the letter appears to be 'coocolumbiade', but when i tried to find the blog, it said the webpage cant be found. Is there any way you could find the blog, so i can thank them? (if it helps, its signed: Ash (17 y.o, agender). Thankyou!


I’m not finding anything similar. So, I’ll post this, and hope they see it. 

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New, never been worn, too small for me! Will fit 32.0-35.9" chest. 
Free! but I can’t pay shipping. ):

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Hello, I’m Sofia and I’m a 17 year old trans girl from Buffalo, NY I live in a very religious house where my family is muslim and they don’t support me… I don’t have money to ship right now but I can give some of my male clothes that i don’t use but that would mostly only work if you live here… 

Thanks in advances if you are willing to help :’) contact me at my email or my url sofiakawaaiiblr

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